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Senior Management Programme for Companies and Leading Institutions

The objective of “ADEL Programme” is to bring together leading businesspeople, politicians and top executives from Spain and Portugal in a forum of strategic reflection, focused on the present context, in order to help participants to consolidate leading companies and institutions that will drive economic growth in the future.

We need to think about how to overcome competitive pressure in order to address its constant and increasing acceleration. Innovation, focus on talent, growth… we ultimately need to achieve the required excellence in a global environment.

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LENGTH 4 months
PLACE Seville and Malaga
START April 9th, 2024
DAYS Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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Which are the objectives of the ADEL Program?


Top businesspeople, politicians and executives from Spain and Portugal, sector leaders, sharing a valuable international networking.


How to face disruptive changes (technological, geopolitical and social), business models and corporate governance systems needed to lead the future.


Innovation and diversification of mature markets and main changes and trends that are shaping the new competitive environment.


Profitable business strategies and public institution services with a sustainable approach using committed managerial teams and a suitable institutional set-up.


Skills needed for business leadership, social responsibilities and their competitive advantages: “What and how leading companies do it today”.


Based on the Case Study Teaching Method, new case studies about leading companies, roundtables and in-depth dialogues with CEOs.

Case Study Method


  • Individual study and team discussion.
  • Structured and methodological debate.
  • Progress in diagnostic and decision-making skills.
  • Guided by an expert professor.


The ADEL Program is based on four crosscutting areas for thinking and discussion:

  • Main changes and trends that are shaping the new competitive environment.
  • Current challenges and opportunities for organizations.
  • Business strategies and models implemented by leading companies.
  • New skills for leaders responsible for changing and adapting their companies.
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The ADEL Program is specifically addressed to:

  • Businesspeople, presidents, CEOs and general managers.
  • Institutions or SMEs’ managers, senior executives of large-sized national or multinational companies.
  • No academic degree is required. However, it is necessary to prove the participant has a broad professional experience of about 15-20 years.
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